WHEN? WHY? HOW? all your questions re TRAVEL in the FUTURE

So here where we live , my youngest has started school again albeit from 8h35 till 11 am but I will take that as a win and her out the house for abit :)

We have also been told that the beergardens will be open starting tommorow again with rules for social distancing!, such as table 2 m apart and only 2 households allowed to meet!!,

But most people here in Europe are asking WILL WE HAVE A SUMMER HOLIDAY?

The borders between Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France are opening on the 15th of June which allows me a chance to go across to see my Bestie who lives in Switzerland so I am very happy about that :)

So to answer the question Can I still take my summer holidays? I would say yes but it is NOT going to be a question of thinking ooooh where do I want to go?, we are going to have to be content with what we call STAYCATIONS! So I have been looking for a few clients for some hidden gems which they can drive to and still allow them that summer holiday feel!! and wowzers have I come up with some winners...

Keep an eye on this website to see them in the next few days I cant wait to share them with you!!

In the mean time keep social distancing and stay healthy

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