Starting to feel a bit like normal!!!

So it has been announced where we live that schools and other places can start to go back to normal?? But what is normal anymore after this PANDEMIC??, I think normal is relevant to each and every person, so you have to make it YOUR NEW NORMAL. For us here at THE EXPAT TRAVEL SHOP, we are doing loads of training and research in order to be up to date for when we can travel again.

This weekend we went on an outing to our local town and besides everyone walking around with face masks and the fact that only a certain number of people are allowed in each shop ( so looooooooong queues), it was so nice to be around other people and to see the city busy again.

We were able to shop at the local market and due to it being MOTHERS DAY , my children and husband treated me to some new plants for my balcony , which I was very happy about, people are all adhering to the rules which is 2 metres apart and face masks whenever you enter a shop or are among people.

So things are going to start taking off and so why don't you start to plan where your next holiday is going to be, we have researched and have access to some amazing places over the summer holidays so get planning :)

Please remember to be kind and to remember that everyone is dealing with this PANDEMIC differently so try not to get upset if you see someone not following the suggested rules, just keep doing what you and your family can do to FLATTEN THE CURVE and keep your family safe.


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