COVID 19 and what we have been doing😉

So allot of people have been homeschooling and still trying to work, and think about how to make money, here we have had 2 weeks of Easter holidays and we decided to make the most of it.

So we started with #comedinewithme all home-based and we got the kids involved, it was allot of fun and although I do think there was a little rigging going on with the scores !! ( my husband scored everyone else a 10 and me a 9 ???) I do believe that we #madememories for our kids which was our aim for the holidays.

Normally on easter, we would go and spend it with family and friends and due to #lockdown we decided to go into our gorgeous mountains away from everyone and hide the eggs for our kids, BUT we also decided to have a #nerfgun war which meant that we would hide and if we shot them then they had to give us the eggs. It was allot of fun and again I believe my kids will have fond memories of their Easter Holidays in lockdown.

We find out this afternoon whether school goes back on Monday but I do feel that it will be extended to May 3rd which means next week its back to homeschooling and thinking of ways to earn money while #travelling is not an option.

Also, super excited to announce my new website is published save it in your favourites as will be featuring specials every week.

Please can I ask anyone who is reading this to follow #theexpattravelshop and like my facebook page

Signing off till next time, stay safe, keep washing your hands and #bekind to yourself and others

Till next week Tschuss

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